Many RWA’s (Racists with Attitude) will try to diminish the impact of institutionalized, systematic racism, along with slavery, in the US by saying that it was in the past. That happened so long ago and that the people who committed those atrocities are long dead.

This a lie.

Many of them have in fact “passed on,” but far too many are simply old and just as hateful, if not even more so. But even if they all were dead, it does absolutely nothing to erase their actions, which continue to have a profound effect on blacks today. In the grand scheme or things, 50 years ago is not too terribly long of a time.

When I hear white people use false and skewed statistical data to argue against our fight against discrimination, social injustices, and violence in the form of police brutality, I plainly hear white privilege in their words.

Many like to quote the following:

  • More whites are killed by white cops than blacks are killed by white cops.
  • The black community should address the “Black on Black Crime,” like in Chicago with the same enthusiasm as they apply to police brutality.
  • The black community celebrates, “Thug Culture,” code for N^gga Culture.


They use the façade of “Black on Black Crime,” to lessen the burden of their own guilt and fears, and to somehow justify the brutality that blacks suffer on a regular basis by police across the country. It often sounds like, “If blacks kill each other, then what gives them the right to complain when others kill them.”

Yet, when we negate the offensive and disingenuous term for what it is—a charade used to change the narrative—largely due to white people’s own discomfort and privilege, we are told to, “First, get our own houses in order.”

I find this line of thinking to be very hypocritical because if white people’s houses were in order, black people wouldn’t have to protest the government to pass laws protecting our lives in this country, from those sworn to protect us.

Although, they really didn’t swear to protect black people in their hearts, as they see us as less than human and inferior to begin with. We are criminal scum, who are guilty of any infraction they see fit to hold against us.

There are far too many instances of police brutality and outright murder against black people in this country to even begin to deny there’s a problem.


Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness are supposed to be unalienable rights, according the United States Constitution. But, when the US Constitution was created, blacks weren’t anything more than chattel, property to be owned and used any way white slave owners saw fit. Yes, I know that some blacks owned slaves, but the number of those who did pales in comparison to whites and they DID NOT control or influence the laws or the narrative where slavery was concerned.

That is until the 14th Amendment to the Constitution was ratified on July 9, 1868—5 years after the Emancipation Proclamation was signed into law and 3 years after Juneteenth—which granted citizenship to “all persons born or naturalized in the United States,” which included former slaves recently freed. But, even with this amendment, it would be another 100 years before blacks achieved equal voting rights in the US, segregation was abolished, and interracial marriage was allowed. This was just a bit over 50 years ago.

As a result of racial tensions and disparity being regularly reported in the media, many white people around the country have felt it their sacred duty to meddle in the day to day lives of black people. While going about our day to day lives, you know that Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness joint, we are confronted, harassed and sometimes attacked, for merely existing, let alone going about our average daily routines.

We don’t owe white America anything. In fact, the exact opposite is inherently true, but that’s another section of this writing. Our very existence doesn’t have to be justified to the satisfaction of random white people because they fell our presence is suspicious or they’re curious about our motives. This behavior amongst white people is especially dangerous in and of itself, but is even further exacerbated by instance where white people attempt to weaponize the police against us.


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Published by John F. Allen Author

John F. Allen is an American writer born in Indianapolis, IN. He is a founding member of The Speculative Fiction Guild and the Indiana Writers Center. John began writing stories as early as the second grade and has pursued most forms of writing at some point, throughout his career. John studied Liberal Arts at IUPUI with a focus in Creative Writing, received an honorable discharge from the United States Air Force and is a current member of the American Legion. John's debut novel, The God Killers, Book I of the Ivory Blaque series was published in the Summer of 2013 by Seventh Star Press, as well as the Codename: Knight Ranger series, Books I & II. He also has published short stories in several anthologies including: Thunder on the Battlefield, Vol I, also by Seventh Star Press and In The Bloodstream, by Mocha Memoirs Press, The Adventures of Star Blazer, by Hydra Publications and the forthcoming, Bronzeville Blues, by Pro Se Productions. John currently resides in Indianapolis, Indiana.

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